About Us

Maestri Artigiani Italiani

was born in 1976

Maestri Artigiani Italiani was born in 1976, when the entrepreneur Daniele Zaganella felt within himself the desire to make our country appreciate a 100% Italian product, of superior quality, and offer a fine coffee with an unmistakable taste.

Health and Wellness

always our goals

The company focus has always been to create unique, authentic and genuine products, of excellent quality and that have an impact on the environment, safeguarding the taste and health of consumers. It is for this vision of the world and its strong work ethic that Caffè Europa® was the first company in Italy to focus on a coffee that was at the same time Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free.

Our Brands

always a strong point

Over the years we have then specialized in the composition of baskets and gastronomic gifts for recurrence. Through our Speciale Italia®, Antica Confiseria Perugia®, Antico Casato® and Terre d’Orvieto® brands, we want to convey to consumers the great passion of our family for authentic and genuine work, created by the skilled hands of our artisans who carry on passionately our ideas for more than a generation.

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