Our Brands

  • For 40 years, Caffè Europa® has been producing a unique 100% Artisan coffee.

    It has always stood out for its history, tradition and meticulous care during all stages of product processing, in order to make the consumer's experience unique.

  • Speciale Italia®'s goal is to give each product an added value, in terms of sensorial and aesthetic perception.

    The products we produce and distribute contribute to making our region unique, to be discovered and appreciated, enhancing the Made in Italy.

  • In the production of our confectionery specialties, only noble and natural raw materials are used, carefully selected and dosed according to the classic Italian tradition, and processed with procedures that respect the nutritional properties of the raw materials and the needs of consumers.

    Antica Confiseria Perugia® artisanal chocolate is tested and checked in each production phase by internal quality control, to achieve the desired standards of excellence.

  • The added value of the organic product is both personal, linked to health and well-being, and environmental.

    Organic coffee is the protection and respect of the environment in the production areas and the limitation of the use of potentially harmful chemical compounds.

  • Il Caffè Europa Tostato a Legna comes from a delicate roasting that respects all the values and ancient traditions handed down from generation to generation by the ancient Maestri Artigiani.

    Toasting with wood allows greater control of the heat and cooking takes place homogeneously both inside and outside the green coffee bean.

  • With the Antico Casato® product line we provide customers with the best products of our lands with rigorously handcrafted original compositions.

    Each gift box is designed to give our customers the opportunity to give their loved ones products of excellent taste suitable for any type of celebration.

  • The enhancement and promotion of typical products is at the center of a local development strategy which also provides for the cultural safeguarding of production traditions.

    The development of typicality, especially of the food and wine products of Orvieto, is linked to the growing attention of consumers, to the quality of food products and to the desire to re-evaluate and pass on local traditions.

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